Could we design a platform to elevate the Voyager Coffee brand and meet the needs of its expanding business? It was time to put the kettle on and start roasting a better online experience.


Website planning

Creating a series of rough sitemaps enabled the client to organise their content better, understand their audience motivations and make key decisions before starting on the design – a process that saved time and money down the line.


Concept & strategy

Voyager Coffee wanted to update their online profile and take greater control of their website so that it could meet the needs of their changing market. The most important change was Voyager’s investment in a coffee roasting arm of the business, allowing it to sell its own product directly to cafés and consumers. The web design organised all these new messaging requirements, created a new set of core messages and introduced striking new imagery. 


Web design
Art direction
Visual concept
User experience


User flow


We designed the various content areas of the website, giving special emphasis to the user groups and how they needed to access information on mobile and tablet.