Brand awareness and design consistency throughout all social media channels

Social media advertising
visit-totnes-brand-stickers for south west tourism

Web Design using responsive grids

Through research of existing website analytics together with recent council reports, we were able to deliver a content plan that could identify and structure the website around its categories and varied content. The solution to the wide variety of imagery was a flexible and hierarchical grid, enabling a ‘shuffle of cards’ according to relevance and advertising spend. Both the guide and website could also mirror each other's design to create brand consistency on and offline.



Web design
Town Brand Identity
Advertising materials

“Left Bridge has designed and co-ordinated the production of our website, our town guides and other projects and we have been more than pleased with all of the finished products. They have been extremely supportive before, during and after the projects, helping out at every step along the way. I couldn’t have done my job without them!”

Samantha Mudge - Tourist Destination Manager at Visit Totnes