Windeatts, solicitors that care.

Of course, an empathetic solicitor is nothing new, so our challenge was to define the Windeatts’ brand and make them stand out against their high street competitors. They wanted to appear approachable and accessible. It was time to smarten up the brand and break down those stuffy stereotypes with a personal touch that clients saw as adding value.


Honesty in design

Often it's a struggle to know how to put your best foot forward, and Windeatts knew with the increased pressure from online competitors they needed to personalise their business. We quickly decided a photo shoot was required. The solicitors needed to step out of their office and present themselves with honest, open portraits. Their message then became one of honest experience and knowing their stuff without ever being stuffy 


We're not stuffy but we know our stuff

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Trust and empathy

Empathy is uniquely human, and it’s best created by face-to-face conversations. Part of the Windeatts message was to promote each person using ‘Meet the Team’ brochures that gave clientele the reassurance of personal connection and service with a smile. To do this, we used upbeat messaging such as ‘local knowledge’ and ‘distinctly unstuffy’ to appeal to a wider clientele. We produced a series of clear, simple brochures to explain the Windeatts set of services – with a strong emphasis on their care for their customers.